3 Ways to Win When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed? Well, join the club! BUT, there are 3 effective ways to win the day when you're feeling overwhelmed. Read on.

Do you feel like you’re on a never-ending rollercoaster of feeling overwhelmed?


Join the crowd. Feeling overwhelmed is a direct result of pressure, fear and doubt all mixed together into a toxic recipe for disaster.

However, there are 3 ways to beat the awful feelings that come along with feeling overwhelmed and I’m here to share them with you! Read on.


01 – Don’t Overwork

Yeah I know, you have a business, emails awaiting replies, multiple project charts, sticky notes everywhere, notes on your phone, over-flowing day planners and… due dates. I understand.  You can combat the temptation to overwork by being realistic about the actual timeline it takes to fully complete something.


A – Your daily to-do list shrinks and will be spread out throughout the week.

B- It will help you feel more accomplished because your list was shorter to begin with. Thus, boosting your motivation and productivity.

C – You will have the time and patience to deal with the unexpected events that happen during your day because you haven’t jam-packed your schedule.

D – You can easily implement batch work.  Batch work enables you to truly accomplish a project because you do know the timeline involved with each step.


02 – Utilize the Power of ‘NO’

The facts say it all; women still shoulder the majority of household work, taking care of the children and some have a career or business as well.  On top of all this, volunteer work at schools or community events can take up a lot of our precious time.  Family time quickly becomes virtually nonexistent, self care goes out the window and self-improvement isn’t given a second thought. We are just trying to make it to the end of the day. That’s no way to live. That’s not ‘living’, that’s just existing.

You might hear me talk a lot about stress storms. Stress storms are a result of daily overwhelm. Over-committing to things in life is one of the major components of a stress storm. Setting boundaries and utilizing the power of no can save your sanity.

03 – Recognize What Actually is Going Well

Not everything is awful! At the end of each day, take just 5 minutes to ignore what went wrong and focus on what went right that day. Something magical will happen. When we are appreciative of what is going right and acknowledge it, we are accepting our own success.  When we accept our own success, our life purpose begins to unfold.

I can raise a mug of tea to that.



Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed? Well, join the club! BUT, there are 3 effective ways to win the day when you're feeling overwhelmed. Read on.


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Especially as entrepreneurs, feeling overwhelmed is inevitable. Being intentional about implementing these 3 ways to overcome overwhelm will help you manage those feelings!


I need your opinion on this -> Is overwhelm a result of false pressure you’ve put on yourself? Leave a comment!


How do you maintain balance when you’re feeling overwhelmed?


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