9 Ways Bloggers Make Money Online

There's more than just one or two ways that bloggers are making money online. Find out the many ways bloggers make money online! Read now, pin for later.

Do you think there’s only 1-2 ways to make money online from your blog?

Think again.  There are many ways, but I’m here to share with you, 9 ways bloggers make money online and how you can implement these things into your blog.

Let’s go!


#1 – Passive income products

Make money online in your sleep? Umm, yes please!  How do you get started with creating passive income products? Answer these questions –

  1. What can I actually teach?
  2. What do I know a lot about?
  3. What is my niche?
  4. How can I fit these things together and create a digital product.

Here is a list of potential digital products you can add to your online shop to make some passive income!

  • Ebook
  • Planner
  • Goal-setting guide
  • Guide to… (insert the transformation you provide through your blog)
  • Digital art for phone and laptop wallpapers and/or printable art, affirmations for around the office

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#2 – Coaching/Consulting

If you absolutely love helping people, you have discovered your soul’s purpose if you become a coach.  Plus, it’s a great way to monetize your blog!

How do you get started?

Ask yourself these questions to get started with coaching.

  1. What transformation have I had in my life, (big or small)?
  2. How can I come up with a way of teaching this?
  3. Does this pertain to my niche?
  4. How can I put all this together?

After that, package it up, set up a sales page, and curate valuable content that leads your audience to the conclusion to work with you.


Don’t know where to start? That’s exactly why I created The Profitable Blogger Academy.



#3 – Affiliates

Make money by promoting products you love.  Craft blog post concepts around these products. The trick here is to make sure your ideal audience would love it and that the products compliment the long-term goal of your blog.  When promoting an affiliate product ask yourself, “Would I be raving about this product even if there was no potential to receive compensation from it?” If yes, promote, promote, PROMOTE!

Get started with affiliate sales –

  1. Rewardstyle
  2. Share A Sale
  3. Amazon Associates

#3 – Freelancing

Become a virtual assistant and do easy tasks for others.  You can offer anything from social media scheduling to blog post content creation.  As with anything, think about what exactly you can offer.  Package it up and add it to a “Services” tab on your website.

Get started with freelancing and check out these go-to,

freelancing resources.

  1. Upwork
  2. The Scope Blog

#4 – Membership program

If you want reliable monthly income, a membership program might be the best monetization route for you.  You must know your ideal audience in order to create the type of content that they need, month after month.

Use this simple equation to calculate your monthly income.

Amount of individual memberships needed + Fee of monthly membership = Monthly income

If you are stuck on the type of content you should offer with your membership, poll your current audience to see what questions they are asking. This will ensure that you are providing the answers to what they want which will make them more likely to sign up for your membership program, when you launch it.

Also, look at what the pros are doing. Analyze what type of content they create that keeps their members engaged and eager to see what will be released next.

Here are some incredible examples of membership sites who know their target audience are –

  1. The Societe
  2. Yessupply

#5 – Etsy shop

If you have a tendency to be crafty and have a product idea that your ideal reader would love, start an Etsy shop!  However, as with anything, you cannot just start something and expect the customers to come.  When you start an Etsy shop, there is a right and wrong way to do it.  The best resource for reaching Etsy success has been via Artisan Indie.  Be sure to check them out if you want to monetize your blog through opening up an Etsy shop.

#6 – Start a YouTube channel

There has been a recent surge of success with YouTube.  Why? Because video content is hot and consumed by nearly 25% more of the population than it was 10 years ago. And don’t worry, you do not have to be on a constant content creation hamster wheel if you want to start a YouTube channel!  Simply re-purpose your blog posts into video content.  When you do this, two things happen.  You become an expert within your niche and you reach more people. Win, win, right!?

#7 – Advertisements

Why not earn a commission off products that are relevant to your ideal reader? Include some advertisements on your blog and this can start happening for you. especially as you drive traffic to your blog.

No idea where to start? Check out these platforms.


#8 – Start an online school

If you choose to monetize your blog through creating an online school, you must do some market research before hand.  You must know exactly what your audience is look for, what questions they have, the language they use, and your solution.

You can create your online store for free using Teachable.com.


#9 – Start a podcast

There is a common misconception that, in order to start a podcast, you need a large following.  The opposite is true!  You can build a massive following using the power of your podcast.  If you need guidance on how to start a podcast, check out The Angie Lee Show.  She has a podcast on how to start a podcast that has been a game-changer for those who feel led to start podcasting!


Personalized help as you move forward

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Just remember, you deserve to be compensated for all your hard work as a blogger.  Let me help you!


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There's more than just one or two ways that bloggers are making money online. Find out the many ways bloggers make money online! Read now, pin for later.


A message to all passion-driven bloggers: please do your readers and yourself a favor, and start brainstorming the different ways you can make a profit from your blog.  There are so many ways! If you’re stuck, check out my recent free training, The Profitable Blogger Masterclass.


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