Are Time Traps Sabotaging Your Small Business?

how do you spend most of your time? are you seeing results? let's identify your time traps and boost your productivity within your small business!

Do you ever feel like you are working way too hard on your small business?

You’re not alone! Especially as entrepreneurs, our time is precious. Figuring out the journey along the way is hard enough and then, time-consuming activities sabotage our success.  Once our time traps are identified,  there are 3 actionable ways to take back your time while working on your small business.

Ready? Read on!

What is a time trap?

A time trap is something that takes away too much time and stunts your growth in business. It can be a number of things such as a bad habit, or scrolling too much through social media. Time traps also leave you feeling less accomplished.

Time traps steal precious time away from your productivity as an entrepreneur.

How to Identify Time Traps

Identify where your time is going by tracking what you do every hour, during a normal week. Download an hour by hour schedule or simply write it down in a notebook. The most important thing to do is be honest about where your time is going and remember to write it down. At the end of your week, underline or circle the activities that are not helping you build your business, excluding family time and basic responsibilities.

3 Actionable Ways to Take Back Your Time

01- Automate it
There are some incredible systems out there that entrepreneurs can utilize to automate certain areas of their businesses.


5 Tools You Can Use to Automate Your Business

01 – Managing ‘personal portals’ for clients – Dubsado

02 – Organizing/Posting for Social Media – Hootsuite

03 – Email automations – MailChimp

04 – Selling digital products for creatives – Gumroad

05 – Managing projects – Asana or Trello


02 – Rediscover your to-do list
Write out each step of a project on post-it notes and arrange them in order of priority.  This way, you have a visual path of your project and can easily re-arrange and discard the steps as the project moves forward.


03 – Batch it

Batch work has saved my businesses… and sanity.  What is batch work? During your work day, focus on one part of similar tasks and repeat the same part again and again during your day.  This way, you aren’t jumping from project to project and task to task with no real end goal.

For example, if you’re a blogger, don’t just write one blog post in one whack. You can write and automate 2 months worth of posts in one week if you focus on the first step of writing a blog post on the first day.  On the second day, focus on the second step of writing those blog posts and on the third day focus on the third step… and so on.



how do you spend most of your time? are you seeing results? let's identify your time traps and boost your productivity within your small business!


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Time is money. We’ve heard that saying before! The reality is, time traps are costing you money. What steps are you going to take to avoid time traps?


Be sure to comment if you have any additional strategies that save you time!


What are the time traps that sabotage your small business?


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