Create Your Business Vision and Mission Statement

Think your blog doesn't need a vision and mission statement? Think again! A vision and mission statement is vital to any successful blog. Read now!

If you want to be a successful and serious solopreneur, you need a vision and mission statement.

Becoming an entrepreneur can be disheartening. It can be a discouraging journey. Trust me, I get it.  But it does not have to be!

When you have lost all inspiration, there is usually a missing piece.  When you do not have a clear vision and mission statement, A.K.A. your ‘why’, your journey may become a little foggy.

I am here to clear the air, and help you create your vision and mission statement, so you can remain inspired and remain focused during the tough times.

Ready? Let’s do this!


Step 01) Define your purpose

You will never loose passion for your biz if you are passionate about the topic on which you write.  How do you discover this passion?  You must live out your soul’s purpose through your business.  This is the purpose of Hello Wholeness Co. – to teach female solopreneurs how to live out their soul’s purpose, and be paid for it. This is serious, and not for the faint of heart (which is why you’re here, love!).

The issue is, HOW do you discover your soul’s purpose?

Answer these questions to step onto the right path to discover your soul’s purpose and craft your unique vision and mission statement.

  1. What are your values?
  2. What is the transformation you provide?
  3. For what do you want to be remembered?
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Step 02) Narrow your niche

Every successful business solves a particular problem for a particular type of person. This applies to all of business. Think about who you want to create for your audience and what problem you can solve for them.  If you are a mom blogger who writes about essential oils, your topics needs to be deeper than that.  Ask yourself, “what exact problem do I solve for my audience?”  Answering this question will take your business from ‘cute’ to the “go-to” in your niche.

Step 03) “I help statement”

This is where things start to come together!  Now that you know your purpose, and have narrowed your niche, you can answer that dreaded questions, “So, what do you do?”

Fill in the blanks, “I help _____your ideal audience______ , ______the transformation they want______, so they can ______live the life they want______.”

If you need help gaining clarity on your “I help” statement, book a call with me and we will hash it out over the phone!

To be a successful solopreneur, you must know who your biz is for and what problem you solve. Click To Tweet

Step 04) Create your mission statement

Now it’s time to put it all together into your vision and mission statement!

VISION STATEMENT – My vision for ____my business name____ is to provide _____transformation____ so that I can leave ____what you want to be remembered for_____ to make the world a better place.

MISSION STATEMENT – My mission, through (business name) is to help (niche), (do this) so they can (the transformation you provide). Throughout my business practices I will maintain the things I value (things I value) and give my clients my all.  Every interaction with my brand will be consistent with the feelings of (things I value) because the mission of (business name) is to (it’s purpose).


**PIN IT!**

Think your business doesn't need a vision and mission statement? Think again! A vision and mission statement is vital to any successful biz. Read now!


Think your business doesn’t need a vision and mission statement? Think again! A vision and mission statement is vital to any successful biz.


Be sure to comment and tell me what your vision and mission statements are! I would love to read them!


What’s your vision and mission statement for your business?


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