How to Balance Gut Health the Right Way

How do you balance gut health and why? There is a huge physical benefit to balancing your gut! Read how to balance gut health the right way.

Are we truly balanced if we won’t talk about gut health?

We are about to have a deep convo about gut health; yes, I’m going there.  I believe that maintaining balance in one’s life takes a little more than proper prioritization.  If you’re not good on the inside, how can we be successful and productive on the outside?

Let’s dive into the steps to balance gut health!


STEP 01 to Balance Gut Health

Fermented foods and drinks

Fermented foods are nature’s way of neutralizing bad bacteria in our gut.  Acidic bacteria in the gut can through your health right off track.

Here is a small list of some of the best fermented foods and drinks out there!

  1. Tempeh
  2. Tofu (ferment)
  3. Kimchi
  4. Yogurt
  5. Kombucha

Remember, homemade fermented foods and drinks are the best you can get!

Step 02 to Balance Gut Health

Chill out

Stress kills. We know this. But, why does this have anything to do with gut health? Health professionals have equated our gut to our brain in the sense that the intestines are lined with neurons. Neurons are responsible for relaying messages to certain parts of the body… including the brain. When the intestinal neurons tell the brain that the gut is unhealthy, the brain literally stresses out. In turn, stress hormones flood our systems.  When we are stressed, the brain relays messages to the gut via chemicals released and this influences intestinal function.  Ugh, it’s a nasty cycle if we don’t balance our gut health!

Step 03 to Balance Gut Health

Reduce use of antibiotics

There is a place and time for antibiotics. However, antibiotics were created to eradicate bacteria, good and bad. They strip the intestinal walls of any bacteria leaving it open to whatever comes it’s way. Any effort made to balance gut health is reduced when we over-do it on the antibiotics.

Step 04 to Balance Gut Health

Don’t sugar coat it

Ah! This is so difficult for me to address because sugar is something I love in my coffee and tea.  We all know how awful the daily consumption of sugar is for our health, yet some of us become addicted… (slowly raises hand).  However, there is a deeper reason to cut it out all together. Sugar interrupts the gut flora balance.  Bad gut bacteria feeds off of sugar.  Sugar is addictive, therefore, we crave more. When we are addicted to sugar, we are helping our bad gut bacteria thrive.

Step 05 to Balance Gut Health

The mesmerizing benefits of probiotics

It is recommended that the probiotic you choose contains 7 to 10 billion CFUs. CFU stands for colony forming units. The CFUs must reach the gut so it’s best to choose an encapsulated probiotic. This ensures it survives the stomach acid and reaches the bacteria in the gut.

The best probiotic I’ve come across is called Floratrex.  Floratrex will aid in regularity, stomach issues and contains prebiotics!


How do you balance gut health and why? There is a huge physical benefit to balancing your gut! Read how to balance gut health the right way.


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Let’s focus on overall life balance and include gut health in our every day lives.

Let’s thrive physically as well as in our businesses!


What do you think? Be sure to leave a comment below.

How do you balance your gut health?

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