How to Make Money Blogging

Ever wondered how bloggers make money blogging? Here are the 4 major ways bloggers make money blogging and how you can do it too. Read now, pin for later.

No matter where you are on your blogging journey, you know that blogging is a labor of love.  You may feel like you deserve to make some money from your blog; and you are correct! I am here to share with you, the 4 major ways in which bloggers monetize their blog and how you can start implementing them into your blog as soon as possible.

1) Offer products

There are two major mediums through which you can offer your products.

  • Direct Sales (MLM)
  • Passive Income Products (Digital)

First, direct sales through multi-level marketing (MLM) can be a hugely successful way to monetize your blog.

For example, if you’re a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils, and you run a blog for health-conscious stay-at-home mothers, then your potential to make money through your blog writing is unlimited!

The next way to monetize your blog is to create digital products based on the needs of your readers. To find out their needs, run a market research campaign directed to your blog readers. Ask them to disclose their main challenges on a given subject within the blog niche. Then, based on their answers, create digital products to help them overcome these challenges.

For example, if you are the host of a blog for freelance writers, you can publish a digital product… but it can’t just be any only product. You must do some market research. Poll your audience and find out their pain points.  Your market research results may reveal that their greatest challenge is how to write a successful pitch letter. Then, based on their valuable feedback, you may want to create an e-book guide entitled “Pitch Letter Success for Freelance Writers”. They will love it!

I know, I know. E-books are a little 2015.  Here are some other ideas for passive income from your blog.

  • Email course
  • Audio course
  • Online templates
  • Printable planners
  • Online course
  • Online school
  • Online digital product shop, like mine

Just don’t create something before you know your audience wants it; no wasting precious time here.

Don't create something until you know your audience wants it. No wasting precious time, here! Click To Tweet


2) Become an Influencer

This is a whole other level.  When you are an IMPACTFUL blog writer, you can be paid to travel to dreamy destinations or try incredible new products.  You do what you do best — write blog posts and take amazing photos for your followers to drool over.  Of course, there’s a lot more to it, but that’s your lifestyle as a blog Influencer.

So, where do you begin as an Influencer?

  • Grow an organic, loyal following through your blog on social media.
  • Reach out to brands you want to work with. They will provide you with affiliate links.
  • Interject their affiliate links within the copy of your featured blog posts.

Gradually, your blog will generate brand income for them. Then, other brands will recognize the monetary impact of your blog writing. They will reach out to you, too!  This takes time, but if you do it right and have social media accounts that create serious FOMO for potential followers, you’re headed for success as an Influencer!

This one takes some time, and I would recommend studying influencers that you aspire to emulate.  Study what they do, their strategy, their niche, their methods for engagement, their personality, and their goals.  Have a pitch letter to brands ready to go at all times and do mandatory outreach to these brands at least once a week.


3) Join Affiliate Programs

A very popular and sustainable way to monetize your blog is through Affiliate Sales.  If you have major traffic and loyal readers, then Affiliate Sales will work well for you and your blog. – HINT – Use Pinterest to dramatically grow your blog traffic.

A few Affiliate Programs to help you get started are ShareASale, FlexOffers, Adwin, and Amazon Associates.



4) Offer Services

Ah, my favorite! If you love people and you really want to make some serious money from your blog, then offer your services.  This is the absolute best way to monetize your blog!  Whether you’re a graphic designer, business coach, life coach, or finance coach, your blog and business success will escalate if you offer services.

Here’s why –

  1. A blog establishes you as an expert within your niche.
  2. Your ideal client is already linked to your website through your blog. They’re already in touch with your services on your sales page. It’s a Win-Win!
  3. Blog posts will continually drive traffic to your website and make potential clients aware of your services.


Offering services from your blog, puts you on expertise level within your niche. Click To Tweet


If you know that passive income and offering services is the best route for your profitable blogger journey, hit me up!



Ever wondered how bloggers make money blogging? Here are the 4 major ways bloggers make money blogging and how you can do it too. Read now, pin for later.


So, to monetize your blog and to take it to the next level, offer products — become an influencer – join affiliate programs — offer your services.  These methods are proven and sustainable. Which one (or ones) will you try?

Be sure to comment with your thoughts on blog monetization. What have you tried? What worked, what didn’t work? Comment below!


Do you currently monetize your blog in one of these ways?


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