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4-Month, VIP, One-on-One Coaching Program for Fempreneurs who are Ready to Up-Level and Live a Life of Purpose through their Business.


THE program for the female entrepreneur who is ready to up-level in life and business; for the woman who is ready to step into the 2.0 version of herself so she can run a purpose-driven, authentic, service-based business.

Calling all fempreneurs who want to turn their passions into profits!

This program was created JUST for you if you are a female entrepreneur who is overwhelmed and beyond ready to just up-level already.

You’ve tried all the strategies, downloaded all the free trainings and are still stuck, feeling overwhelmed with ideas, unfulfilled and lost in life and business. This program is for you if you are ready get un-stuck, gain major clarity in the direction of your business, impact the world, and get paid to fulfill and express your soul’s purpose through your business. 

Ready to up-level?

Imagine for a minute, what would it feel like to…

  • take charge of your life and business and break free from your shell
  • feel called to offer a life-changing service to the world, and not know how
  • never have to worry about competition again

  • become the go-to among the sea of already successful and powerful women
  • turn your followers into paying clients

  • discover your gifts

  • discover your soul’s purpose

  • integrate your soul’s purpose into your biz, and succeed because of it
  • turn your massive list of ideas into a clear action plan
  • never feel stuck with your business again

  • always know what your next move is in order to make a massive up-level

  • never feel scattered, all over the place, and unproductive

  • maximize your time and drop the stress

  • know that your service is wanted by your ideal clients and they are ready to buy

  • help others and see them succeed from your teaching
  • know exactly how to do market research

  • make all your efforts within your business into profit-producing efforts

  • be excited to sell your service (instead of dreading it)

It’s all possible with Unleash Your 2.0 Fempreneur V.I.P. Coaching!

"I consider myself so lucky to have found Michelle and the amazing value she has added to my business. Through our meaningful conversations and application of her incredibly impactful formulas, she helped me clarify and define my message to my reach the hearts and souls of my readers and clients in an authentic way. I didn't even realize this was such a stumbling block for me! By working with Michelle, I've even come to view myself with higher esteem, show up with a new pride in my work each day. I really can't thank Michelle enough!"
"If you feel like you have been stuck in a rut or struggling to find clarity in your business then Michelle is the coach you need in your life. While working together, she showed me not only how to monetize my work properly but how to search within myself to discover my true purpose. She helped me discover my unique gifts, potential and calling. This has changed the game for me and my business. Once I knew my purpose and the way in which to get it out into the world, everything else has fallen into place and I am finally on the path to success."

I know what it’s like to…

  • be in an over-saturated market and feel hopeless

  • not know what step forward to take so I can start making money

  • have shiny-object syndrome… spend my days signing up for every free training and freebie I could find… and not get anywhere

  • be on information (and inspiration!) overload but with no real way of taking action

  • know that I was meant to do big things in the world, but have no idea how to make it happen

  • feel unfulfilled in business and life
  • be scattered and stuck, spinning my wheels, and not making any money
  • be multipassionate with 1,000 and 1 ideas and no results
  • have an intense desire to help women but I didn’t feel confident or qualified to do it

I also know what it’s like to…

  • know the exact path I’m going to take in order to fulfill my life’s purpose, and make it happen

  • feel incredibly fulfilled in my business and life because of the service and help I offer
  • have followers and readers waiting for my services to become available

  • turn my ideas into actions and those actions into profits, seamlessly

  • build my business on a foundation that is completely different than we are conventionally taught… and succeed because of it

  • utilize special abilities to set my business apart from the crowd (HINT: everyone has ’em!)

  • FINALLY know exactly what I’m supposed to be doing every day to move my business forward #helloclarity

  • get and stay unstuck and be super productive

  • turn my followers into paying clients, without that ‘icky-sales’ feeling

I know you REALLY want…

  • to utilize your passions to be of service to others

  • to just up-level already, and start seeing the results you know you deserve
  • to know the simple steps to take every day to get closer to your goals

  • to be the coach that influences new ideas and has a massive impact on your audience

  • to maximize your precious time

  • to start making money from your ideas

  • to stand out in the sea of competition

  • to run a business in with an equal amount of work and flow

  • to get your coaching certification in order to help people (HINT: you don’t need one)

  • to step into your power and get paid for being your authentic self, online
  • and you don’t want to be a major stress-ball in the middle of it all

"Michelle has given me SO much support while I grow my coaching business. I had my first discovery call yesterday and God connected me with my first, absolutely amazing, high-energy ideal client! When Michelle gives you her time and resources, she dives in and gives her all!"
Denis Tunca
Life Purpose Coach + Business Strategist
"Michelle is the one to work with if you need guidance in transforming your purpose in life into a profitable biz! She breaks things down into clear, practical steps that are easy to follow without getting overwhelmed. I can honestly tell you that, her experience and expertise are invaluable!"
Krystine Marie
Life Coach

Here’s what happens during Unleash Your 2.0 Fempreneur (V.I.P. Coaching)


  • The “formula for lasting change” that no one talks about
  • The method to re-write any negativity in your life and implement positivity in it’s place in order to succeed
  • The powerful technique that you must know if you want to run an authentically aligned biz
  • Discover who the up-leveled version of you is, and learn how to embody her w/o the overwhelm
  • Create your daily spiritual practice to strengthen your intuition. Say hello to the running a business in flow!
  • Discover your unique skills in order to give your business a twist


  • Know EXACTLY who your services and business will be for and how you help them
  • The easy and genuine way to attract ideal clients
  • The formula to turn your followers into clients
  • The niche diagram that will make you the go-to within your niche
  • How to write authentic copy that will resonate with your ideal clients and they will reach out to YOU to see how they can work with you


  • Craft your mission statement (in a way you’ve never done before)
  • The method to discover your soul’s purpose
  • The proven method to gain major clarity on what steps you need to take every day to actually make progress
  • Know exactly how, when, and why to make the correct decisions for your business
  • Turn your list of ideas into an action plan


  • The correct way to do market research (that so few talk people about)
  • Craft your strategy to communicate your offer to your ideal clients
  • How to build your email list, the right way
  • The proven, 7-step soul-centered sales funnel that no one else teaches
  • Map out your social media strategy
  • The proven method to set your goals (and actually crush them) #attainable
  • Plan your business launch!


  • Proven formulas and systems to maximize your productivity and minimize your stress
  • The “head-space” method that guarantees you will accomplish your to-do list
  • How to be certain your business will run seamlessly
  • Create your own “2.0 morning routine” so you can step into your power every day
  • Discover the power of soul-centered scheduling and eliminate overwhelm (for real, this time!)


  • The proven templates for – personal branding, business branding, and how to merge them together
  • The day-to-day, non-negotiables for a successful and stress-free launch
  • The exact method I use to book 4 out of 5 clients I talk to
  • The proven method of selling that won’t make you sweat – how to fall in love with selling

Plus, you get #5 Bonuses to make certain you up-level and reach those goals! (over $2,500 value)

Blog Post for Profit Template $57 value

Customized Branding Style Guide Template $97 value

12 one-on-one coaching calls (3x per month and we will be working together for 4 months) $2400 total value

Unlimited access to voice messaging via Voxer $1,000 total value

”Michelle is truly amazing. If you are looking for crystal clear purpose in your business, she’s your girl! We all have a purpose and Michelle will help you find it so you can create that profitable business of your dreams!”
“Michelle is so passionate about helping others grow their business and it shows in the results. I personally know how much work she puts into the guidance she provides her clients by working with her. I am confident that Michelle is your girl to up-level and start being paid to do what you love.”

Total investment


payment plans are available upon request


There is no set time designated for each phase. You are an individual, therefore our coaching schedule will be unique. You may need more help in one area than another.  I’m here to hold your hand through this process, not give you a deadline.

The concept behind VIP Coaching is to create customized guidance to your needs, and that’s just what I do and will do for you!

1:1 coaching is for the serious entrepreneur. The type of entrepreneur who doesn’t want a cookie-cutter approach, but wants wants personalized guidance and support.

When you are coached 1:1, you experience quantum leaps in your business. In other words, what would have taken you months or even years to figure out, may take you only a few weeks or days.  1:1 coaching is your ticket to your personalized success road map, mixed with accountability, guidance and 120% support from yours truly.

Think of it this way, investment in 1:1 coaching is an equal energy exchange. When you do invest, you have private access to my personal email for 24/7 support, our voice messaging app for immediate responses to questions you may have, and 12 coaching calls to schedule any time you’d like during our 4 months together. All this, is my way to give you my 120%. Because I know you’re serious about making it happen.

You’re here because you want more fulfillment in your business and you want to run an authentically aligned business.

You know that building and running a business around your life’s calling is THE ONLY way to succeed, long-term. You want this to be your reality.

I know exactly where you are at.

You know I can help you.

Let me do just that, and let’s work 1:1, together.

Due to the nature of a service-based coaching program, no refunds are permitted.

If you do invest in a coach with the thought, “If this doesn’t work out, then I’ll just get a refund…”, then you’re setting yourself up for that exact scenario to happen.

I know that you already know the power of your thoughts. I encourage you to go into the investment of 1:1 coaching, determined to succeed.

Think of it this way, if you go into a situation with the intention of the best possible outcome, that amazing outcome is inevitable. 

It’s the same when you invest in a coach. If you give it your all, and are determined to succeed, you have set yourself up for success.

1:1 coaching is the V.I.P, high-touch experience. During our 4 months of working 1:1, you have access to:

  • my personal email and a guaranteed response within 24 hours
  • my Voxer account to send quick voice messages throughout the day
  • all of the resources and knowledge I have acquired from my experience in business and through own investment in coaching and mentorship

My program, The Authentic Entrepreneur Academy is a self-paced online school with no 1:1 support. It is a fantastic beginning to any female entrepreneur’s journey, but not for the already established female entrepreneur who’s ready for an up-level in life and business.

Further questions? Please send them to

Meet Your Coach + Business Visionary

Hi, I'm Michelle Slote. I am a Business Visionary/Coach and owner of Hello Wholeness Co. I help female entrepreneurs up-level in life and business. I help them discover their potential, make a profit, and run the impactful, purpose-driven, authentic businesses of their wildest dreams. I began Hello Wholeness Co. in August 2017 with the intention to provide guidance for women who wanted to create a sense of purpose and fulfillment in their lives. Since then, ladies reached out and asked for 1:1 guidance and as a result, my coaching business was born. Today, I'm helping women all over the world, create a profit from their passions, fulfill their life's calling, and discover what it means to be a successful female entrepreneur. I'd be honored to help you do the same thing!

Dear Passion-Driven-Soul,

I know you’ve probably been seeing everyone get clients, have major success, and have massive breakthroughs… and you’re left thinking, “Why can’t I just up-level in my business? Why is it so damn hard?”

I’m going to be completely honest with you. The world needs your gifts. You need to step up and take responsibility for sharing these gifts with the world. You need to become the woman you’re supposed to be. You are doing yourself, and the world a major favor if you discover what your true gifts are and share them with the world through your business.  The more you embrace your soul’s purpose, the more you will experience success. That is the truth!

I know your goal is to turn your passions into a business, and together, we will do just that.  I will be there EVERY step of the way, to hold your hand through the transition process, to help you attract your ideal followers, readers, customers, and clients.  I will help you overcome any and all obstacles that stop you from reaching your goal.  I will be there to keep you accountable, to set you up for success, and give you every tool that you need.  I will be there to set you up with systems that make certain you wake up every day with a clear action-plan on what you should be doing to reach your business goals!  No more guess-work and busy-work! Ahhhh, what a relief, right?!

I will hold your hand throughout our entire time together and beyond, because that’s my purpose and I am on a mission to fulfill it.

I can’t wait to help you succeed!

Always here for you,


Your Coach + Business Visionary

Turn your deepest desires into your destiny and run an authentically aligned business!

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