Why Every Blogger Should Start a Business


are you a blogger who wants to start making money? there are 3 reasons every blogger should turn their blog into a business. read now, pin for later.

Are you a blogger? Are you wondering if you should start a business?

Why do some bloggers feel “unworthy” when they think about turning their blog into a business? Why do some bloggers feel uncomfortable about making a profit from their blog?  Are you one of those bloggers who feels this way?

I am here to put those feelings of unworthiness to rest and give you 3 major reasons, you should start a blogging business, today!


Reason #1 – You deserve it.

When you put so much effort into something, you deserve to be compensated.  Blogging takes a lot of effort, in case you have not noticed!.  So, why not be paid to do what you love?

How will you go about doing this?  It all comes down to discovering what you want the purpose of your blog to be, then your monetization strategy will become easy to decipher.

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Reason #2 – You are a passionate person.

It takes passion to write bog posts about a topic that you love, in hopes that someone out there will read them.  It takes passion to create a blog posting schedule and promote your blog posts in this big online space.

You know what else requires that you have a lot of passion? Starting a business!  So, why not start a blogging business and be paid to write blog posts? When you put in so much effort into your blog, you are already half way there, and you need to be compensated for that effort.


Reason #3 – Someone needs what you have to offer.

Think about something you have bought online that absolutely changed the game for you.  What was it? What if the creator of that product, program or service, decided that they were not worthy of creating it and decided it was best to not pursue it at all.  You would have missed out!

Always remember, there is someone out there who will benefit from what you have to offer.  You are doing them a disservice if you decide to not offer it. You have a responsibility to create that offer for your readers; someone out there needs it and is actively looking for the solution that you offer!

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A message to all passion-driven bloggers: please do your readers and yourself a favor, and start brainstorming the different ways you can make a profit from your blog.  There are so many ways! If you’re stuck, check out my recent free training, The Profitable Blogger Masterclass.


Be sure to comment and tell everyone what you are going to create and how you are going to make a profit from your blog!


When are you going to start a business using the power of your blog?


If you’ve ever wanted to make a profit from your blog, check out all the resources I have for you here.


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  1. Beautiful write up and very convincing. I’m now thinking of starting one too.

    1. Great Natasha! Let me know how it goes and if you need any guidance as you start your blogging business!

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